For many years the American Bible Society has conducted a program of giving free Bibles and scripture literature to schools, churches and evangelical organizations.

Since 1809, many years before the America Bible Society was founded, the Connecticut Bible Society has aggressively conducted a program of giving away free Bibles to deserving and needy organizations in the state.

Over the past several decades both the American Bible Society and the Connecticut Bible Society have cooperated on these free Bible grant programs. Millions and millions of Bibles have been given away, all across the USA and around the world.

During the past ten years, however, the rising cost of the Bibles and shipping made the ABS rethink how they distribute their free grant materials. Furthermore, they realized that, from their New York headquarters, they were unable to identify and service the thousands of needy and deserving small, local ministries, known only to the local Bible societies.

In the mid 1990’s the American Bible Society turned to the Connecticut Bible Society and the other 12 state Bible societies and asked them to identify churches, organizations and ministries within their own area who might best utilize free Bible grants. Furthermore, the American Bible Society asked the local societies to insure that free grant materials were provided to organizations who will use them to “embrace the scriptures” rather than just distribute free Bibles.

To this end, Connecticut Bible Society has identified over 75 churches, shelters, schools and other interested organizations within our State to whom they have presented free Bibles. Special emphasis has been given in seeking out people of different nationalities, races and economic status. They have especially sought out the disenfranchised in a wide variety of locations. Over 15,000 Bibles, tracts and scripture material have been gifted.

Bible grants must be applied for. The process is easy. Download the application (click here) or you can contact the Connecticut Bible Society, 277 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106. Telephone: 860.249.8627. An application will be sent out. The four easy questions ask about your organization and how you plan to use the free Bible material to introduce others to study of God’s word within the State of Connecticut. Upon approval, its takes about four weeks to receive the free materials by UPS. After receipt, you will be asked to report to the Connecticut Bible Society regarding their use.

Hospitals and prisons do not qualify for free Bibles under this grant system. The American Bible Society has other programs to provide Bibles for them.

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